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"Get Creative.

Ignite Your Light.

Embrace Your Gifts.

Make a Difference!"

Neesa talks about the midlife power passage in this Out of the Fog radio


Like you, I’ve done my best to follow my calling as a woman and to be creative even as I get everything else done. I often told myself that I don't have time.


But curiously, as I allowed myself space to actually plug into my creative flow, the Creative Awakening Portals emerged and my own deep longing to serve was given new voice. By bringing creativity to my experience as a master healing guide and a ceremonial priestess, the portals revealed themselves as a way to help women who are ready to emerge. 

I now work with women at mid-life who somehow know there is so much more to their transition than hot flashes and menopause.  She hears an innate wisdom arising inside, calling her to awaken to something bigger than herself, to be in step with a power that aligns her with what I call the Enchantress phase of life. 


In the Enchantress Phase, she experiences creative flow, trust in herself and her wisdom and embraces her full feminine power to make a difference in the world while being unapologetically fully expressed.

This is the discovery of her unique Divine Design, no longer feeling hampered by the constraints and shoulds of what others believe she should do or be.  


This kind of inner freedom is what's required in our world today if we are to step into a healthy reality for ourselves and the greater good. This is the medicine our world is needing; that we become clear channels of creative flow and divine connection and heed the voice of the Soul. 

My own special gift is as a 'quilter' - offering my wisdom, skills and psychic eye to piece together a woman's stories, artistries, relationships, traumas and energies into a beautiful quilt that spirals her power upward with ease.

What's yours?

If you are hearing the call and are curious about working together,  I invite you to jump on a call with me to chat about my one-on-one healing and mentorship program.


I bring to you this possibility after a challenging road through my own initiation,  negotiating some very unsettling years after raising my family and working in the world as a chiropractic doctor for more than 20 years.


My life took a surprising turn away from the professional path I thought was mine forever. But as I surrendered to change and the voice of my Soul, I received an even bigger gift - the gift of a life flowing with creativity and a sense of empowered feminine purpose and presence. 

I currently reside in a mountain town near Santa Cruz, California, and work remotely with women around the US. I offer workshops and ceremonial events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Creative Awakening Portals

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