The Altar Portals

WombGarden low res png.png

Womb Garden 

Awaken your deep feminine power by tapping your womb wisdom and deepen your intuition and sensuality.

Cosmic Waters high res translucent backg

Cosmic Waters

Activate your inherent wisdom so you can see your truth clearly, and attune to the higher energies beyond the veil. 

Star Mother 

Let the geometry open you to the sweet loving energy of the Great Mother so you can hear her voice. 

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Mills yellow circle 1800 .png
Mills med res.jpg

Diamond Heart
Activate the purity of Christ consciousness and upgrade your spiritual energy by meditating with this channeled design.

new align png (1).png

Art Star

Anchor inner trust as you learn to express your creativity freely, opening to owning yourself as a creative artist of life, without fear or hesitation.

Star Seed

Accelerate your ascension by grounding your use of ceremony, sacred geometry, and advanced spiritual arts with this vibrant portal.