Art as Medicine Workshops

Paint and Play... Your way... to Inner Change 
With the Captivating Process of Intentional Creativity 

Why Intentional Creativity?

First of all, it's really, really, really fun and deeply nourishing!


Creativity is who we are as human beings. When we express ourselves, we feel good. When we create with healing intention, we free ourselves. When we shift internally, we heal those around us and radiate healing to a world deeply in need of love.


Intentional Creativity is a powerful guided process that illuminates what’s on the inside into an art form, expressing the often hidden voice on the inside – the voice that defines us, the voice that may have been silenced by traumatic events, the voice that was scared, the voice that may have been too shy to speak.


And so we explore painting in the sacred container of a group to better understand who we are, what’s truly important to us and the common threads that bind us collectively through time and space. We peel back layers of that which binds us, bring forth visions and prayers for healing and place them into a physical art form that emerges as incredible beauty. 


This transition from formless to form easily transforms energy and allows us to return home to ourselves. With the IC process, you will be guided through self-inquiry and self-expression, ultimately heralding the joy that comes with authentic creative flow.  



 2020 Schedule 


Aug 22 & 29 - Gaia -
 Retreat to a gorgeous place in nature, connect with the elements and get to know Earth Mother Gaia through a guided painting process.
Two consecutive Saturdays, 11 am - 5 pm. 
**Plenty of outdoor space for social distancing.
Location: Private land in the San Gregorio Valley

Students LOVE Art as Medicine Workshops 


"I got so much out of Jane and Neesa's intentional creativity workshop  - I hope to experience this process again soon.  As an artist, I am super 'flow-y' and not at all structured, so I will admit that the structure of the process was challenging for me at times!  But really great things came of it - through the process, I tapped into a very potent creation energy that I am still contemplating and learning from...the workshop turned out to be an intense mystical experience that left me napping on the beach for 2 hrs after the class. I know that what came through is something that will take time to for me to grow and learn with. Having the painting which holds the spark for this connection is such a powerful gift!!" -  Dr. Marie

"What a great experience I had, a process that really connected all of us with our light and who we really are on the inside. And I was able to paint it in a way I never thought that I could. I got a lot of insights into who I am and what’s next for me. I’m really excited! Thank you so much Neesa and Jane.” – Lynn

"I was so thrilled with Intentional Creativity workshop. I really enjoyed the process and getting connected to my Muse. The workshop was beautifully curated! The healing aspects were most definitely felt. Jane and Neesa artfully led us through ritual and shamanic journey that really helped me connect with who I am. What a beautiful weekend, beautiful women creating beauty." - Karena

"Creating these Soulful Story Cards with you was an enthralling, inspiring, challenging, fun-loving experience! It is highly transformative to take something so deep inside ourselves and create art from it. In doing so, I realized that some beliefs that I thought were engrained in me, were actually transmutable. The meditations you walked us through helped my soul truly feel at peace with past beliefs, and the whole experience left me with a newfound sense of inspiration. Neesa, you have a gifted ability to heal in many different facets."  - Brandy

Art as Medicine

A collaborate teaching effort by Neesa and soul sister Jane Sanguinetti, both certified teachers of the Intentional Creativity Foundation and 2018 graduates of the Color of Woman Teacher Training.

Nessa and student

Neesa pictured at left with IC founder Shiloh Sophia, where Neesa was a participating artist at the Sept. 2018 Visionary Philanthropy Art Show in Sonoma, California. 

This international organization teaches visionary intuitive painting as a path of self-inquiry and transformation under the leadership of Shiloh, a global teacher, painter, and poet.


Shiloh carries this lineage as passed to her by the late art maven Sue Hoya Sellars and her teacher Lenore Thomas Strauss.