Mid-life woman moving through life's changes ... divorce, career shifts, retirement, menopause. You feel the call to deeper expression. 

What's Your Creative Awakening Portal Type? 

Star Mother





The natural internal changes in a woman at mid-life opens a door to a depth of discovery - to wisdom and love-based power inside - that simply was not available in earlier years. With the change comes a voice from within, that will tug at your heartstrings. 

You may be moving through a divorce, shifting out of a career path that no longer fuels you, becoming an empty nester. Or perhaps you just can't push back that calling any longer.   

You are at a crossroads. 


By tapping into the creative awakening portals, you will gain access to the gateway to your calling, to tap into your vision and find 

inner clarity, connecting deeply to the parts of you that know. 

Your unique Visionary Truth

How to Trust in your natural Creative Flow

The voice of your emerging Feminine Wisdom 

The keys to your Spiritual Evolution

The presence of your Soul's Authentic Power

**Moving through your 40s and 50s is not just about managing hot flashes, as you may have been led to believe. It's actually a power passage to your time of Creative Awakening. ** 

Your Creative Portal Awakening Poster 

with the visual medicine to support your awakening

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 The Portal Types Reveal...  

StarMother - You’re awakening by re-parenting yourself, releasing old trauma, and healing from the

pain of the past.  And as you do, you are opening to the sweet loving energy of the Great Mother. What you need most - is help with clearing and healing the past.

StarSeed - You’re awakening by utilizing ceremony, sacred geometry, and advanced spiritual arts to accelerate your ascension. What you need most is training and support in utilizing the art of right placement in your life to create ease in your ascension.

ArtStar - You’re awakening by learning to express freely again, trusting that you’ll be received and not destroyed. What you need most is what I call the Art as Medicine work - which opens you to being a creative artist of life again, without fear or hesitation.

SacredWaters - You’re awakening by learning to vision, to see your truth clearly, and to activate the higher energies beyond the veil to activate your inherent wisdom. What you need most is Intuitive Reading and reflection so you can learn to See beyond the veil and know your truth without question.

WombGarden - You’re awakening by tapping your inherent emergent feminine wisdom of intuition, sensuality, and natural ceremony. What you need most is a mentor who can transmit directly the mystery school of tools, techniques, and energies that light up your own feminine power.

is it your time to step through the portal That calls you?

Drop into a Portal Altar in your Sacred Space or

take a leap into your future self with the Creative Awakening Portals personal healing Program

This 12-week One-on-One Program will take you from that longing you feel to opening during this potent passage - to answer the calling - and into your full creative potential. You will pass through the 5 Portals with support, guidance, private healings, readings, and creativity mentorship, personally guided by Dr. Neesa Ginger Mills, a master healer and teacher devoted to your unique Awakening. 


What if you could finally awaken your deeply feminine creative wisdom and make the difference you were designed to make?

  • You’ll release the blocks that have kept you feeling creatively blocked, numb, or dead.

  • Finally clear the pain and resentments of the past.

  • Receive regular healing sessions to help you release pain, heaviness, and negative feeling emotional states.

  • Learn to create Sacred Space that acts as your own personal evolution accelerator, making your awakening easier and more fun.

  • See beyond the veil clearly, so you don't have to feel lost or trapped in the fog.

  • Receive intuitive readings that help you navigate important decisions and understand what’s happening under the surface.

  • Connect with your personal invisible team, so you need not feel alone again.

  • Activate your inner artist, to rejuvenate your joy of living.

  • Create art again, with joy in your heart, and have some fun!

  • Leverage creative arts to blow through obstacles and difficulties.

  • Tap your own feminine creative force, in ways that a younger woman just can’t do.

  • Experience the radical flow of your sensory pleasure in your own unique way.

  • Receive sacred transmissions and upgrades with a mentor you can trust.


 A women's mystery school 

journey home to You!

Begins April 2020

Experience your own Creative Awakening in the most supported, fun, and joyfully accelerated way possible.  In just 3 months, you will be forever transformed - making this one of the best seasons of your life so far!

Book your free 30-minute call with Neesa now, and let's explore if the Creative Awakening Portals is the right gateway for you to step through the mid-life power passage and claim the next phase of your life as creative, vibrant and awake in your feminine power.    

"When I met Neesa, I was eager to understand more about my soul’s purpose and agenda in this life and what my unique gifts are to carry that out. Working with her as a spiritual healer and guide was an incredibly impactful and pivotal decision for me as it indeed led to a significant development of my understanding of myself as a complex, glorious, spiritual being. With Neesa's wise and profound guidance I came to a broader knowledge of my true nature, magic, and mission in life. I’m so grateful for what I’ve uncovered and excited about all the potential I have realized. Neesa guided me further onto the path of my spiritual emergence and now I can carry on that journey with confidence and strength." - Whitney, therapist


Mount Shasta, CA 



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