Meditate & Create 

make your home feel like a temple...
so it vibrates like a sacred tuning instrument

7 Days to Transform you home into a Transmitter of Light

Feel the resonance of a powerful inner reset and the joy of renewed beauty all around you  

Empower Yourself with a strong daily practice that aligns you with your Inner Wisdom for natural ease & flow



The next 7-day Meditate & Create group experience live on Zoom 

Winter Solstice

December 16-22, 2021

Daily 8 - 8:45 am Pacific Time 

*recordings shared daily for all participants

Meditate & Create 
a 7-day interior reset with dr. Neesa ginger mills

Each season at the turn of the wheel -winter, spring, summer and fall 

Sacred Space holds a key on the spiritual path. 

Because space magnetizes energies - both wanted and unwanted.  

You have a choice.

To attune your space to the frequencies of your prayers, rituals and meditations.

Meditate & Create is a sacred container for you to awaken your spiritual vision and imprint the pure energies of your Soul

in the walls of your home sanctuary.

And transform your altar into a Transmitter of Light.

As we stand in this commitment together, we uplift the whole and invoke the evolutionary energies to usher in a new humanity. 


The next 7-day Meditate & Create group experience live on Zoom 

Winter Solstice

December 16-22, 2021

Daily 8 - 8:45 am Pacific Time 

*recordings shared daily for all participants

The 7-day Series will get you Aligned and Connected so you can generate a powerful Light Transmitter in your home


  • Commune with the life force and the spiritual beings of the land where you live

  • Get to know the 'spirit' of your home

  • Clear away old energies from your home space and open your heart to inspiring new creative flow

  • Activate your inner guidance systems to reveal your optimal sacred space that meets your Soul's highest presence 

  • Move through Neesa's channeled altar portals as a path to greater spiritual resonance within

  • Experience the synchronistic power of being in a community of like-minded Souls

Open your interior to hear the Sovereign Voice of your Soul with this this potent meditation and creativity experience.  


 Neesa's channeled meditations have been extraordinary, her Presence and sharing expertise in creating sacred altars

and mandalas of sacred pathway designs for our own initiations.. are beyond words.


The connection to the Divine Mother-God, Mother Gaia, my own body temple Beingness with all it's multi-faceted needs and expressions and community serving the greater good, have deepened wondrously and profoundly.


My heart has embraced a beautiful sweetness again that was present in my childhood. Creativity? It is off the charts! Thank you for this auspicious journey! Your light, love and serving is so palpable and welcomed." -- Laurel



The 30 days meditating with Neesa was something I looked forward to every morning. She created a deeply connected space and helped me to not only go inside but to connect with dimensions that were grounding, uplifting and expansive.


She has a gift for creating painted portals that are beautiful and powerful.

When we tapped into them the energy was profound and brought me to a place of stillness. I now know how important it is to create sacred space that resonates with my heart so that I can bring out more of me. Thank you Neesa! - Lynn


Neesa's meditation and altar creation class felt like I was resting in a safe container of love and wisdom.


Her guided meditations were incredibly powerful as she channeled messages and information that transformed us all at a deep level. She gently took us through the process of creating beautiful altars and then invited us to share them with the class, which was so wonderful because we got to see what the inspiring holy spaces created by others.


Her authenticity creates a safe container for people to be vulnerable allowing them to heal, expand, connect to and share creating a beautiful circle of support. "



Each morning you will receive a short sacred space teaching that will

set the stage for 

the channeled meditation session of the day



Day 1: Altars are a path of opening and holding space for you to source access to the voice of your Soul, generating a lightness of being, remembrance of your true heart, and absolute knowing of yourself as a connecting point between heaven and earth. Open yourself to the most resonant objects to bring to your mystical altar for deep inner communication.  

Day 2: Reframe your home as a mythological space, as a mythic tool to generate your life rich in synchronicity and wonder. Explore your personal altar as a sacred transmitter that magnetically attracts mystical forces to you and your home.

Day 3: Explore subtle energy fields, your own capacity of perception, and the use of this sixth sensory system to tune into your home space. Deepen your relationship with your altar as a divine portal.

Day 4: The location of your home and the land where you live carries specific frequencies that generate energy integral to your sacred space experience. By consciously making relations with the invisible forces of the land and the beings that reside there, you will resource a huge field of nourishing support and come to know yourself and your home as integral to a larger network of living systems.

Day 5: Claim your personal energy field as sacred and integral to creating your home space as a temple. By resurrecting your relationship with your feminine womb center within, both energetically and through your physical anatomy, you come to know yourself as a sacred space first, you at the center of the reflective environment you generate around yourself.

Day 6: Sacred geometry in the form of vibrational image is a potent tool for you to radiate elevated spiritual frequencies into your personal temple space. By request, these tools open us to mystical doorways to enhance connection with ascended master teachers and the healing light they bring.

Day 7: To calibrate your spiritual altar with divine energies, there are intentional steps and actions to turn on the power. We will explore how you can activate an altar as a luminous force for Soul resonance to radiate powerfully within the four walls of your home temple.

Are you Ready to master your sacred space and bring more light to the world? 


  • Your Energy reset for the New Year - clear, connected and grounded 

  • Your Home - Free of interference and feeling pristine like a temple

  • A Resonant Vibration to your heart and your home - aligned with your higher knowing

  • Moving Ahead - to create your life with renewed, confident Soul clarity

Claim this Space for Your Sacred Self.
You are needed in your wholeness! 

Join Neesa and plug into the power of a circle of committed Souls.
7 mornings - we rise to elevate our spaces and light up the world. 

Register now for half price - just $111 - until December 13th.  

Neesa is a life-long meditator, priestess and artist on the consciousness path. She has worked as a healing professional and ceremonial guide for 30 years, dedicated to empowering self awareness, body-mind transformation and creative spiritual awakening. 

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