Healthy Alignment, Creative and Empowered! 


If you've been dreaming about your next level of empowerment, healthy alignment and self-love, you may just have landed in the right place - especially if you consider yourself deeply sensitive and challenged by the fast pace of the world around you. 


It all begins on the inside, getting connected to your creative flow, making the most of your energy sensitivity and anchoring your personal vision for the future. 


So many women like you are aching for change, looking to fully express their gifts in the world and make a difference, but simply don't know how or are facing daunting internal blocks. This is vital work for women to get connected within and to embody the change we want to see in the world.


Let's go on a journey together so that you can claim your magical life, feeling more aligned body and Soul, more heart-centered, more clear, more awake and more vibrant! I am here to help you explore your inner world and shift the energy needed so you can evolve in health, vitality, creativity and ultimately find your inner freedom. 


I offer private transformational programs, each designed especially for you to clear old patterns, explore your visionary future and master some powerful self-care tools to make medicine of your sensitive system. Let's join hands so you can find your freedom and acquire the mystical and practical tools to get there. 


Body and Energy awareness

Soul connection 







The Sliver Journey - 30 Days to  



60 Days to Gold 

Platinum - 90 Days

Creative Awakening Portals

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