The Starseed Generator Portal assists in ascension that is grounded in the physical world, supporting manifestation and strength. The five-star pattern is widely known as a symbol of human emobodiment and connection to the five elements. 


If you are called to this portal for yourself or your clients, there is a call to advance in the magical arts through the ceremonial use of sacred geometry, intentional altars and the power of spiritual ceremony. 


Use this mat to usher unity of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit; and supported groundedness. 


Images posted above show ways you can decorate and work with the energy of the portal to align with your own style and prayer.


Each comes as a plain, unadorned mat, a giclee image of the original acrylic painting, and is printed on canvas. They are gorgeous replicas of the original painting by Neesa, each designed and blessed with a prayer.


Mats can also be mounted on a thin wooden disc so it can also be hung on the wall to enjoy the image when not being used as an altar. The wooden mount also makes a solid foundation for holding objects on top.


You will be delighted to see what happens when you begin interacting and activating the power of these altars. The magical stories keep coming:) 

StarSeed Generator - Altar Portal

  • We so appreciate your enjoyment of these designs. In so doing, we request that you understand that purchasing any of these prints does not transfer any rights. All Artwork remains Copyright of Neesa Ginger Mills and Sacreddoorways and may not be reproduced in any way.

    Prints may be returned for a refund if there is any damage incurred in shipping.


Mount Shasta, CA   


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