The StarMother Portal opens a doorway to accessing authentic inner power that is guided by the sweet embrace of the Great Mother. 


If you choose this portal for yourself or your clients, there is a calling to focus on energetic healing to release the pain and traumas of the past - clearing the way for your inner essence to become the guiding light. 


Make it your own Sacred Space for prayer, meditation, ceremony and healing spaces using crystals, grid layouts, sacred objects, candles, and your prayers and visions. Images posted here show ways you can dress up your portal and work with the energy to align with your own style and healing needs.


Each comes as a plain, unadorned mat, a giclee image of the original acrylic painting, and is printed on canvas. They are gorgeous replicas of the original painting by Neesa, each designed and blessed with a prayer.


Mats can also be mounted on a thin wooden disc so it can also be hung on the wall to enjoy the image when not being used as an altar. The wooden mount also makes a solid foundation for supporting altar objects on top.


You will be delighted to see what happens when you begin interacting and activating the power of these altars. The magical stories keep coming:)


StarMother Altar Portal


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