The Cosmic Waters Prayer Portal

Use this image to take a Journey into your Sacred Self, bringing cosmically guided healing codes to upgrade the holy waters inside your body. This portal opens a doorway to receive from high places so you can dial up the resonant frequency to that which supports the cellular health of your body systems and the waters of our planet. 
Direct your healing from the inside out for the world to feel it!

Scroll down for instructions on how to tap into your guided art and sound meditation. 

Enjoy accessing this Prayer Portal magic in digital format! These mandala designs are also available in physical form as high-quality giclee mat prints in different sizes to be used in Sacred Spaces for meditation, healing sessions and group ceremony. They are powerfully activated by any healing intention with gridding, crystals, candles and the sacred objects of your choice.

Go to the Sacred Doorways store for purchase and inspired ways to use the prayer portal mat of your choice.


Mount Shasta, CA   



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