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The Soul is here for it's own Joy - Rumi



We all relate to this Rumi quote! But how do you get there?

Do you hear the voice of your Soul? Do you experience the flow of a life where you know you are living the truest expression of your Soul path? Are you living in a place where JOY informs you that you are indeed on the right path, where you feel the presence of Your Soul’s Guidance and connection with the Divine and the Sacred Planet we walk upon?

This kind of aliveness requires a Clear and Happy Body!

Physical senses are bright and alive; bodies feel strong and connected to nature; channels are open to the voice of Divine Presence. Souls Speak. Souls celebrate what it is to be alive. Hearts Sing. Others are changed simply because of this aligned presence.

Are you willing to do what it takes to make this your lifestyle choice?!


 10 Weeks to Wholeness 
A Transformative
For You
To Feel Fully Alive - Body and Soul!


The Three Esssential Steps: 


  1. Purify and align your body temple with guidance that is both well trained and intuitive.

  2. Uncover unconscious blocks of the body/mind and emotions that create pain, dysfunction and sabotaging behaviors.

  3. Tap into the Magic of the Invisible World: spirit and nature. Feel your connection beyond the self for guidance, insights, inspiration.

Have you ever done just one of these things for you healing, and you find some nice changes? Focus on the body? On the mind? On emotions? Feel the magic of nature or ceremony?

What if you could put all of these essential forces to work for you together For One Big Unified Change? aligning your health with the well-being of your whole self? No more waiting, postponing, wondering what might be possible; simply saying “yes” and changing what’s not working! 

Your Wholeness

requires all parts on board for true alignment -  Body/Mind, Soul and Spirit.

What are your visions for your precious life? How would you would like to feel in your body? Do you ever feel split or separated from what you know is possible for you, and what is so? Does the voice of guidance suggest changes that you don’t know how to make? How would your life be different if you felt all of your parts aligning as one vibrant system?

How would this affect your health, your relationships, your work in the world, your ability to be happy, to live in your Soul’s Joy?

As a chiropractic doctor, an intuitive and a Shamanic energy healer for more than 20 years, I watch people make changes in different parts of themselves. Typically they receive structural care with me to address pain and body dysfunction. They may also receive psychotherapy or coaching, attend spiritual ceremonies, and visit medical doctors and other practitioners for specific issues.

While all of these things have value, I see the best changes in people who are able to bring it all together. That’s why I created the Vibrant Body, Sparkly Soul 90-day Journey to Wholeness. So you can hold focus for change with someone who understands the physical body as well as the mystical healing arts. 

This path is designed to deepen your inner connections so you will feel great while learning to: 


  • See all of who you are as one divine expression.

  • Know your body as not separate, but as your friend and teacher.

  • Recognize how all of your parts actually speak to one another.

  • Embrace the truth that healing of any part needs the support of the whole.   


I have crafted a framework for a 10-week transformational journey where we will explore together your Soulful Alignment through physical and energy body systems evaluation, energy healing techniques, structural alignment and intuitive guidance. Through this process, you will get to know your mental and emotional links to health, tap into your unseen blocks, attune to your body’s needs, hone your energy awareness and receive the support you need to activate your Vibrant Body AND Sparkling Soul connection.

The 10-Week Healing Journey!

What to Expect:

  • A 90-minute Evaluation and Planning session to dig deep into your needs and visions for change.


  • Creating a Personal Map to Guide your Healing Journey through personal practice: meditation/exercise/eating/energy management.


  • 10 Weekly sessions: In person or virtually, five,1-hour sessions focused on transformational alignment, addressing body, soul. In between, 30 minutes phone/Skype calls for support and coaching.


  • ½ Day VIP Breakthrough Session: 3-hours for what you are needing most: personal ceremony in nature; Home clearing/alignment; guided altar building, intentional creativity transformational art process.


I welcome this opportunity to explore whether this journey is right for you! This entire package to change your life, your body and your relationship with your very being, is priced at just $1997 - Feel free to call or email to discuss how this journey can be customized to meet your personal needs. 


With love and inspired guidance,

Dr. Neesa Ginger Mills,

Your Body & Soul Guide, Mystic Mama & Magical Muse  

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